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Q. What is Chu Chu ???

Ans. Looking for answer huh!. Okay well, chuchu is just a "quote" which have no meaning because a ChuChu is something which is related to Chicken, yes when a chicken is hatched from an egg it is called chicken. If u search WIKIPEDIA or something else you wont get the correct meaning because chuchu is not an english word and its also not a CARTOON. In this website i mentioned my friend, chuchu hehe.. why i did so... i dont remember because for that we have to go to the past, past i mean aa..... approxx 14 yrs back.... to my childhood ofcourse. So, enjoy or not its up to you man,..... GO CHECK OUT MY CHAT ROOMS m gonna add more of em...




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This site is about the worlds strongest Chicken (chu chu`s). We salute there bravery, leadership,owner,taste ect.



These are those chickens who killed themselves for the sake of others.

This is my chu chu BROTHER i can never forget what he did for me . He fight for injustice and when the butcher was clearing his knife to cut me. He stand before me and fought just like a hero. i dont know what you people think but it is my hero .



   Say ChuChu Guys.

Can you see this scarp on her body oh sorry thats too much tiny . It is an other chu chu who saved life of more than a 100 chickens but got caught by an electric wire.  When it was caught i tried to help her but she denied and said us to leave and i still regret her decision because she got caught by the  butcher.





Hey Bloody hell !! Its me OO MY GOD !! HOW CAN HE DO THIS TO ME ????



 UDIT KHANNA (MATE)  The real chuchu


This is me the biggest CHUCHU in the century . I am the one for who those chuchu`s gave there lives. i will never forget them as they are a part of my life. Actually this site is Created by my freind In owner Of chuchu that is me hehe. actually he wrote all this m not writing this shit atall.

My friend huh!. Yes you heard write my freind can anybody thinks that a friend could make a site for his own friend actually my name is "UDIT KHANNA". I am from "Chandigarh,india"it is in the north of india you can "google" it up too and we are not a black punk in this picture its not illustrated properly because we were on a trip to some "SHIVALIK HILLS". We did a lot of fun there and my face is looking like this because it was hot in the jungle. So where was I. I totally forgot my friends name is "JASWANT SINGH SANDHU" he is my freind from my KG standard this standard is a 1 step behind the 1st standard. I was new in the school well i dont know exactly but he started pulling my cheeks and so as the whole class and he named me "chuchu" i can never forget that day but see my fate i did forget it hehehehe.....

Thats my story...






What ???


Oh Ok !!!




 Jatinder pal singh virk (mate)



Hi i am a friend of chuchu this chuchu above me... YES i m talking about this IDIOT he is a chuchu. We call him chuchu because he is a chuchu hahahaha.... Actually when i was admitted in the school everyone used to call him that and always used to pull his cheek i never talked to him or pulled his cheek then one day he came to me (He thought i was a good person ) He started talking to me and me It was devil inside me . I asked him that why people call you chuchu HE said its my name the name they gave to me then i asked him that who was the creator of this name and all that stuff thats written ova der. Then suddenly i stopped talking and pulled his cheek believe me it was too ling more longer than u can see up der... then i kicked him and said goodbye before he could beat me ... hehehehe

Thats my story......... 




Blesson prakash (mate )


Hey can you people see this stupid "moron" over there in this picture. Yes this picture is of me i am "Blesson prakash" and i am a mate of chuchu`s he is with me from the 1st grade. When i met him i eventually pulled his cheek by mistake and now its my passion..i love to pull his cheek its really too much stretchable if u get a chance do pull it.... A perfect experience you will get

Thats my story .....



Rachit suri (mate)



HAHAHAHA !!!! Do you see my picture how is it. My name is "RACHIT SURI" i also live in Chandigarh or what do u think is this a village or something behind me it was just a trip to jungle.That face i`ve made that face to show you that i m also gonna talk about chuchu`s  cheek. His name is chuchu yea that guy in the 3rd picture i m talking about him only everyone's gonna talk about him or what do you think is this some concert going on.  I don't pull his cheek as he`s a good friend of my and he gets irritated when someone pulls it. but before this time he was not this much good friend of mine. He was always in a different section of the class so i never chat with him but hes a old friend of mine. And as a friend i should say his cheek is so flexible that it can be stretched till his eyebrows hehehe..

Thats not a story but still mine.




Chunky malhan (mate) height = 4 ft 10 inches or less   hehehehe.... 


Hi my name is chunky my friends call me chukkky .... because vasiey hi just for fun . everything dont have a reason yaar. well i am also here to talk about that moron up there and i am suppose to talk about him but who wants to there are many more things important than that busy , idiot chuchu that creap well i dont know much about him but when i noticed that this type of creature is also on earth people used to pull his cheak and ran away i`ve never pulled his cheak . so i dont have that expeirence.

Thats my story. 


More to come .......




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